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And now a quick (and important) note about these current health articles .现在快(重要)注生目前对这些物品. .. ..

If you are determined to improve your health, consider spending some time here.如果你有决心改善你的健康,花一些时间考虑. It's just too easy to rush around the web trying to absorb as much as possible.那只是太容易气冲冲网上试图尽可能吸收. We know, we do it all the time.我们知道,我们做的事情.

But this area of our site is where we reveal much of what we’ve learned through the years from master herbalists, scientists and naturopathic doctors.但这一领域的地盘就是我们揭示许多我们学到年通过中医硕士、naturopathic科学家和医生. If you don't have time to read all the articles today, bookmark this page and stop by occasionally.如果你没时间看今天的文章,并停止了偶尔书签这页. We'll update the health articles list on a regular basis.我们将通过更新医疗物品名单定期.

And it must be said that these health articles are for educational purposes only.应当说,这些保健品只作教育用途. If you are pregnant, nursing or have any medical condition, please see a qualified and licensed health practitioner.如果你正在怀孕、护理或有任何医疗状况,请参阅合格的医生和卫生牌.

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